Brownie Dessert Pizza

I think that one of the best things I have ever did was to be a Pampered Chef Consultant. Being a consultant really motivated me to increase my culinary skills and inspired me not to be afraid to experiment by trying new recipes. This recipe was tweaked from one of the recipes Pampered Chef published in one of their cookbooks. I cheated on the recipe using a store-bought brownie mix as the base with made a cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries I had on hand. I loved the look and the dessert was a hit for a party I had on Memorial weekend.

Brownie Dessert Pizza, created 05/30/2010

1 box of Ghirardelli Brownie Mix plus the ingredients as listed on the prepared mix box
Parchment Paper
1 Large Round 15” pizza stone or a round pizza sheet
8 ounces of Philadelphia Cream Cheese softened
¼ cup powdered sugar
Handfuls of fresh strawberries, sliced – or use any fruit that you like with chocolate
Melted Semi-Sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips

Prepare the brownie mix as per the instructions on the box. Cut the parchment paper to the shape of the pizza stone. Line the stone with the cut paper. Spread the brownie mixture on the parchment paper within 1” of the edges. It is important to use the parchment paper because it will help prevent the brownie mixture from seeping over the stone while in the oven cooking. Cook the brownies until center comes out clean on a toothpick about 15 to 20 minutes. Cool completely. Flip the brownie crust over onto a cooling stone and carefully remove the parchment paper, then flip it the round brownie crust back onto the stone or a nice plate to prepare for serving.

Mix the softened cream cheese with the powdered sugar well and spread on the brownie pizza base within 1” of the edge. Layer cut strawberries evenly around the crust and then drizzle with melted chocolate. Enjoy!


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